D-B Influent Water Filtration System

Inks Dam, TX

RORE delivered a $247K design-build of a water filtration system to prevent encroachment of aquatic invasive species into Inks Dam. The filtration system includes a flow capacity of 5,000 gallons per minute and is self-cleaning. The scope included installation of gate valves at main water line, reinforcement of concrete pad under filters and control panels, and installation of electrical service including transformers, conductors, poles, switches, and other appurtenances.

Repair Pump Station #7 And 1.5 Million-Gallon High Pressure Deluge Tank, Facility 29150

Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, FL

RORE completed an $850K project to repair Pump Station #7 and the 1.5 million-gallon High Pressure Deluge Tank at Facility 29150. RORE replaced the steel toe of the launch deluge water storage tank; replaced 10-inch fill and recirculation lines and fill valve regulator; installed new exhaust fans at the pump house and replaced pre-lubrication motors on diesel engines. RORE also abated lead-based paint in the pump station building; replaced wall louvers; installed tile, wall insulation, drywall, and paint; replaced windows; and replaced potable water supply lines. RORE received an “Outstanding” Past Performance Rating.

Connect Septic Sewer, Area 9

Cape Canaveral AFS, FL

Connected five septic systems to the existing sewer system at Cape Canaveral. Work included preparation of project documentation, trenching and pipe installation, dewatering, directional boring to minimize intrusive activities, construction of lift stations, and abandonment of existing septic systems. Use of directional boring instead of traditional trenching minimized site excavation activities and allowed for a faster field construction phase. The project was completed on-schedule and within budget; “Above Average” CCASS rating received.

Stormwater Compliance

National City, CA

RORE provided stormwater compliance services at the Marina Gateway Redevelopment site, a site with high environmental sensitivity located on the edge of the Sweetwater Wildlife Refuge. RORE designed and installed stormwater Best Management Practices throughout the site while the City was in negotiation with a developer, then transferred stormwater compliance responsibilities to that developer. RORE’s efforts maintained the City’s compliance with stormwater regulations and facilitated the City’s redevelopment of the site. RORE received an “Outstanding” Past Performance Rating.

Design Of Gas Station And Convenience Store

MCB Camp Pendleton, CA

RORE developed design drawings, specifications, and cost estimates for civil, mechanical, electrical, and architectural elements of a gas station and convenience store at MCB Camp Pendleton and Point Hueneme. The design included four underground storage tanks, fuel pumps, conveyance piping, dispenser islands, integrated fuel management system, power supply, lighting, low-voltage fuel system control wiring, as well as the water and waste water plumbing for restrooms. The design drawings and specifications were followed by Navy contractors during construction of these facilities. Design drawings and SPECINTACT followed USACE and Navy guidelines for fuel dispensing structures.

P-104, Direct Fueling Station, Naval Air Weapons Station

Point Mugu, Naval Base Ventura County

RORE completed a design-build of an entire aircraft direct hot fueling system at the NAWS, Point Mugu. The new hot fuel facility included three 8,000 gallon operating storage tanks, a pump area, one truck unloading station, and two pantograph fueling stations. Secondary containment for the storage tanks consisted of a concrete dike area surrounding all tanks and the fuel pumps. This area provided an asphalt paved looped driveway that facilitated truck unloading and containment; as well as pantograph and fuel storage areas.

Construct Potable Water Line From Facility 629 To FAMCAMP

Patrick Air Force Base, FL

Installing a 10” underground potable and fire water distribution system line and abandoning in-place existing water main. Installation requires open cut or directional drilling under and across airfield runway. Site restoration includes asphalt and concrete pavements, seeding, and sodding.

Design-Build Replacement of Waterline from Alto Road to Tangair Road

Vandenberg AFB, CA

RORE was awarded a $1.3 million contract to provide design-build improved replacements to a portion of the existing potable domestic water distribution system at Vandenberg AFB. Existing piping material is primarily DI, CI, AC, and PVC that has reached the end of its life and is to be capped and abandoned in-place after replacement with new high density polyethylene (HDPE) piping. The waterline replacement consists of designing and replacing portions of waterlines of various sizes (approximately 4” to 14” diameter) and all their associated valves, hydrants, and other appurtenances required for a complete and functioning system.

Retrofit Water Fixtures

Naval Base Kitsap, Bremerton, WA

RORE was awarded this $1.9 million project to reduce potable water consumption at Naval Base Kitsap-Bremerton and PSNS & IMF by removing various potable water fixtures such as lavatory washbasins/faucets, urinals, toilets, and shower heads. The intention is to replace old, deteriorated, and low efficiency fixtures with newer higher performance fixtures which will accomplish the reduction of wasted potable water.