Replace AAFES Fuel Tanks

Cannon Air Force Base, NM

RORE is currently executing this $1.1million design-build project to upgrade the AAFES gas station at Cannon AFB in Clovis, New Mexico. The scope includes the replacement of three existing vaulted storage tanks and the replacement of the fuel piping and control system, which includes all necessary design, engineering, tank installation services in accordance with all attachments regarding this fuel system. The tanks and vault were demolished and replaced with three 10,000 gallon double wall underground storage tanks that were placed back into the same location as the existing fuel tanks. RORE also provided tank monitoring/inventory control/release detection system including console with alarm capability, automatic tank gauging equipment, electronic line leak detectors for primary piping of double-walled product piping, sensors for all secondary containment (including tank, piping and dispenser sumps), and an overfill alarm with acknowledgement switch. Work also included new containment at the fuel dispensing stand.

P-104, Direct Fueling Station (Hot Refueling System), Naval Air Weapons Station (NAWS), Point Mugu

Naval Base Ventura County, CA

RORE completed a $2.7 million design-build of an entire aircraft direct hot fueling system at the NAWS, Point Mugu. The design complied with UFC-4-010-01, API 653, USACE EM-385-1-1. The new hot fuel facility included three 8,000 gallon operating storage tanks, a pump area, one truck unloading station, and two pantograph fueling stations. Secondary containment for the storage tanks consisted of a concrete dike area surrounding all tanks and the fuel pumps. This area provided an asphalt paved looped driveway that facilitated truck unloading and containment; as well as pantograph and fuel storage areas. This fueling facility is located outside the primary runway surface that was fully operational during construction. The scope included design and new construction of three skid systems to facilitate fuel transmission and a cat walk to facilitate access to the fuel tanks; replacement, and refurbishment of three 8,000 gallon fuel storage tanks; design and provision of two filter/separator vessels and two relaxation chambers; design and provision of two fuel pumps; R-11 refuelers, and two pantograph hot fueling stations. Scope also included environmental, geotechnical, foundation, concrete pad (1,300 m2), SWPPP, fuels plumbing, high voltage electrical, and fire alarm system.

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Compliance Audit, Marine Corps Base

Camp Pendleton, CA

RORE was awarded this project to perform UST compliance audits at 20 UST facilities throughout Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton (MCBCP). This work was performed directly for the MCBCP Environmental Security, Inspection and Compliance Division.

RORE performed field audits consisting of a complete inspection of the UST facility; and testing the UST monitoring system, including sump and annular space leak sensors and pipeline leak detectors; monitoring console programming; and spill bucket integrity. The inspection team also reviewed all associated documentation, including permits, equipment testing data, hazardous material business plans, and maintenance logs.

Typical deficiencies identified during the audits included broken or missing leak sensors, leaking spill buckets, and failed leak tests. The results of the field audits, including identified deficiencies, areas of excellence, and recommendations for UST program improvements were documented in the field audit report and presented to the Inspection and Compliance Division, and UST facility owners and operators at a post-audit out-brief meeting. All findings and recommendations were presented to the client at the end of the annual audit. Furthermore, as an added value, RORE provided on-site training to UST operators on base to ensure that the operators were knowledgeable with the most recent code and compliance requirements.

11709 & 8602 Tank Repair

Beale AFB, CA

RORE was awarded a $1.1 million contract to replace the leak detection system in the two 20,000‐gallon underground storage tanks at the Military Service Station with a new hydrostatic sensing Veeder Root system. The work requires the removal of the existing pavement above the tanks, as well as replacement of piping and associated components.

This design-build project involves repairing the leak detection system at the Military Service Station (MSS) MOGAS and Diesel Tanks at Facilities 11709 & 8602, located at Beale Air Force Base, CA. The non-functional leak detection systems are in violation of California regulation and require repair/replacement to avoid environmental hazards & Notice of Violation (NOV). RORE is functioning as an integral team member to support the Air Force Civil Engineering Center (AFCEC) mission, share information with other AFCEC Contractors, and cooperate with communities and other Government entities.

RORE is implementing a full range of construction and engineering activities as specified and in accordance with applicable compliance documents. RORE is supplying labor, equipment, and materials necessary to accomplish the work assigned and managing the work of subcontractors. RORE will provide the 100% design prior to construction to replace the leak detection system and coordinate repair efforts with the Base Fuels Management Flight to ensure that the refueling mission at Beale AFB suffers zero interruption to fueling services capabilities during the leak detection system replacement. RORE is replacing the existing leak detection system with a new vacuum sensing system (Veeder-Root) and reconfiguring the receipt and issue piping network as needed to accommodate a new leak detection system and ensure operational continuity.

Clean/Inspect Tank Containment at Building 2547

NAS Whidbey Island, WA

RORE was awarded a $76,000 contract to clean the secondary containment, a stainless steel liner constructed of type 304 stainless steel for four tanks: two strip tanks; one tank used for corrosion inhibitor application and hazardous waste storage and one tank used for rinsate collection.

All rinsate were managed and contained. RORE also inspected and tested three tanks in accordance with all applicable requirements of WAC 173-303-640 to verify suitability for continued service.